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What is a Walkie Talkie exactly?

Walkie talkie or a handheld transceiver, is a two-way communication device which is used to transmit information real-time.

Generally, they are used to broadcast information to a mass number of listeners in real-time with an option of the users speaking into the device one at a time.

It resembles much like a telephone handset or landlines that are found in homes or businesses.

Technically, it's quite different from the modern communication devices that we use today. Multiple walkie-talkies use a single radio channel and only one radio in that channel can speak at a time, although any number of people can listen to it. The smartphones and telephones that we use today are duplex communicators, this means that they allow a two-way exchange of data (voice) at a time.

Whereas, Walkie Talkie is a half-duplex communication device, which means that it only allows one way of exchange of data (voice) at a time.

To understand it more lucidly, visualise two parties talking on a phone, they can speak together, it might confuse but they still can talk together. If these two parties use walkie talkies then they each would have to speak one at a time, one would be speaking and the other would be listening at that time or vice versa, both cannot perform the same activities together.

To understand, the intricacies and uses of these devices Contact us today and stay tuned to this page to learn everything about walkie talkies!

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