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  • Naman Bhandari

Uses of Walkie Talkie

When it comes to Walkie Talkies, someone always makes fun of them. Why bring a walkie talkie when you can talk on your phone?

Granted that with today's smartphones you can chat, FB, twitter and play games, but when it comes to a critical moment (such as a sudden power cut or the interruption of the Internet), your phone will instantly become a brick.

Enter the Walkie talkies, which don't have to rely on a network or a base station, you just have to make sure that it's charged and youre good to go!

Walkie Talkie technology, though old, still has many real-world uses. In this post, we are going to touch upon some key situations where these Walkie Talkies act as the device of choice.

  1. Military & Police The walkie talkie is still the standard configuration in the police and army, and the "military-grade standard" has become a clear boundary between military intercom and civilian intercom.

  2. Service Industry Personnel Event management companies use walkie talkies to instantly communicate and manage work. Large shopping malls, construction sites, logistics, transportation, hotels and other work scenes that often need to be scheduled, many industrial and commercial or government departments will purchase walkie-talkie equipment for employees, which, like computers and uniforms, has become an indispensable tool in the production service industry.

  3. Personal Uses People have started leveraging this technology in their 21st-century lifestyle. Millennial couples are using it to monitor their babies while they are working from home in a different part of the house.

  4. Sports Cyclists use it during their races and to keep a track and communicate with their teammates even in dense forests or mountains as it does not need a signal! F1 Teams use it to stay in touch with their drivers during the race. On-ground staff uses it to communicate with the support staff in stadiums, umpires & referees use it, the use cases are limitless here

Surprised?! Chances are even you have a use case in your mind right now, so talk to our Walkie Talkie experts and make your life easier.

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